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by CynthiaOurCanada on May 15 09, 04:44 PM

I love hearing from the members, so if ever you have a question or comment about the site, please don't hesitate to send me a message through my space.

You can also check out the FAQs (frequently asked questions) document provided by Canoe. The link is at the bottom of each web page.

Recently, some members have had questions about how to attach their albums to a group. In three easy steps:

1. Once you’ve created an album in your space or profile, go to the Our Canada homepage or the homepage of any group in the community, such as Hometown or Travel in Canada. (If you post albums to a group, by the way, they automatically show up on the homepage.)

2. On the group page, scroll down to the Albums section and click on “Add your album” (bottom left.) A window will pop up showing all the albums that are not yet posted to the group.

3. Click on the album you want, then click “Save” (bottom right). You’re done!
You may have to refresh the page before your album shows up, but it will. And who knows, it may become a featured album.

Post a comment to tell me what else you'd like some help with on the site.

Keep posting!

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May 18 09, 06:50 PM

The only thing about the site that really bothers me is that, for example, the "Photo Albums" section is used for things that are arguably irrelevant to actual photographs. I mean, in my opinion, just because something that has a photograph related to it does not mean that it should be go under a section entirely defined by the photograph itself. Case in point "Film quotes quiz" something I'm entirely uninterested in when I want to browse the so called "Photo Albums" section. I'm aware that this is a poor design non feature by the site and not the Our Canada section (I think anyway) but it's still something that I find unnecessary in any case. I'm sure it only adds to confusion when there is arbitrary clutter in a section supposedly aimed at "photo albums," they should make a more general section for those things as I'm sure people would like to see what they are searching for. I've never had any response when trying to suggest things like the above, at least this way *somebody* might read it.

Jun 5 09, 01:29 AM

I find the categories confusing , I think I am looking for blogs and I find myself in videos. The main category sometimes seems almost unrelated to what's in it.  Look at these categories just from the posts above. Friendly Giants, Canadians Abroad, Travel in Canada, All Over the World, In My Hometown, Our Canada and Travel.  

If one works with it every day then I guess you would get use to it. I don't think I can and I liked the concept of a truly Canadian site.

Why do we need blogs and forums if the blog can only be 2,048 characters. I wasted a lot of time looking through empty forums.

I think the site needs a real streamlining. I don't want to be negative to anyone but it is just how I see it after having belonged to many other sites. JV

Jun 15 09, 06:07 PM


I'd like to take a minute to respond to your comments.

First, to Gerafix, I think the things you're talking about are typical in some Canoe groups, but I haven't seen this problem yet in Our Canada. Of course, I can't have eyes everywhere, so you can always write to let me know if you see something that doesn't seem to belong. Or write to the contributor to suggest they use a different venue for their material. Perhaps to post movie trivia in a forum or blog?

RosyVee: in the Our Canada section, there are several different sub-groups (Friendly Giants, Travel in Canada, etc.). Some of them are listed on the homepage to the right side. If you want a full list of groups, click on the Groups tap in the navigation bar at the top of the page. In the same nav bar, which appears in each group page as well, you can click on the relevant tab for Videos, Blogs, etc. If you click on the forums tab, you'll see a full list of forums, and will be able to tell at a glance whether the forums have any replies.

And I know the blog space may seem small at 2048 characters, but you can say a lot in that amount of space. So I hope you'll say more as you get used to the site. And keep posting other content as well.



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