My Friend’s Scolding

Jun 1 11, 10:41 PM

It had been very late after I went out of the bar and was very hard to take a taxi. The wind blew very heavily and I stood in the cold night. I felt I was miserable at that moment and how I had such a tragic end. I could not bear the coldness anymore and then called my best friend Sarah, who worked in a brushless dc motors factory. A lazy voice answered from the other side of the telephone. I knew that she had gone to bed, but I was helpless and turned for her help. I told her my situation and where I was. Then her voice became loud. She hung the phone quickly and arrived with her Heinzmann hub motor electric car thirty minutes later. She reproached me, saying that I was useless and that he, my ex-husband was living a happy life and while I was reduced to drink sadly in the bar and even wanted to die. She asked me to go on the electric e bike and then she sent me home. She began nagging after we got home and asked me to pull myself together.


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