Canandians Help Rescue Myrtle Beach, SC Cat!

Sep 1 08, 11:34 PM

South Carolina cat goes missing, turns up in Montreal

MONTREAL -- Janet Nease's black-and-white cat Sylvester has always had a penchant for wandering off, sometimes for days on end.

But patience always paid off for Nease, a native of Myrtle Beach, S.C., and she wasn't worried when Sylvester vanished on June 15. It wasn't the first time Sylvester had been lured off to a nearby campground by the smell of barbecue.

The feisty 17-year-old feline always returned home eventually.

So just how her little wanderer ended up in Montreal, some 1,700 km away, remains a mystery. One thing's for sure, he certainly didn't walk all the way, Nease said.

"I never thought in a million years he'd be this far away," Nease said in a telephone interview from Montreal, where she was reunited with Sylvester this week.

"I think the first thing I said was, 'Couldn't he have found some licence plates from North Carolina?' "

Since Sylvester can't talk, the assumption is he hitched a ride to Montreal in someone's camper.

"We're just guessing but we figure he was lured over to the campground by the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs," Nease said.

"He's very friendly so I'm not sure if he decided to settle down in somebody's camper, perhaps from Montreal, who returned home with him to Montreal."

Sylvester somehow turned up last Friday in a suburb north of Montreal, scuffed up, limping and malnourished. Marie Chevarie, a resident of Lorraine, Que., found poor Sylvester whimpering in a parking lot and took him in. He looked scrawny and tired, but came to Chevarie when she called.

Chevarie fed him a can of tuna which he eagerly gobbled up and took in the cat, who'd lost half his body weight. Using a telephone number on Sylvester's collar, she called Nease in the U.S.

"She had no idea where she was calling," said Nease.

"He's always been a bit of a wanderer, but I said 'Montreal, Canada?'," Nease said.

Sylvester is still recovering and getting great vet care in Montreal, but Nease says she's having trouble finding a way to get both of them home. Sylvester's too weak to fly, so she may have to make other arrangements

"He's 17-years-old but he doesn't look a day over five," said Nease.


Janet Nease and her cat safely home after donations flood in.
September 1, 2008 - 18:39

MONTREAL - Janet Nease and her black-and-white cat Sylvester are safely home.
Donations flooded in from across Canada after news of Nease and her wandering feline made headlines.

Sylvester went missing from his Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home June 15. He turned up 1,700 kilometres away in a suburb north of Montreal last week, scuffed up, limping, and malnourished.

Since Sylvester can't talk, the assumption is he took an unplanned trip to Montreal in someone's car or camper.  When Nease came to get him, she found herself stuck in Montreal with a huge vet bill and a cat too sick to fly home.

"And that's when people began to call," Nease said in a telephone interview from her Myrtle Beach home.

The donations paid for the vet bills and the help she received from Quebecers got her and Sylvester home.  A resident of from the tiny town Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge drove her into Montreal after she got lost in Quebec's Eastern Townships on her way to collect Sylvester.  And last weekend, a Montreal women drove her all the way to New Jersey where Nease and Sylvester hitched a ride home with friends.

"Please thank the Canadian people, please thank the people of Montreal. They've been wonderful, they've been absolutely fabulous," said Nease. "It's been such an adventure for him and for me."

Nease said Sylvester is on the road to recovery but his wandering days are over.
"But he's doing great, he's eating, he's drinking. He's meowing more and louder, so he's getting more demanding," she said.

"But I'm going to try to keep him inside. He's going to start pawing at the door again but I'm only going to let him out on a long leash."



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