13 most evil-looking actors

Mar 6 08, 12:21 PM
Some actors were just born to the play the bad guy. Take these unlucky 13 for example, even if they’re cast as the protagonist, people can’t help but think back to their villainous roles.

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13. Nicholas Cage

    Nicholas Cage at his family reunion. He would later make use of this look in Face/Off.

Evil roles: Face/Off, Lord of War, Kiss of Death

12. Malcolm McDowell

    Creepy + British = Pure evil. Plus, Alex DeLarge is one of the greatest bad guys ever.

Evil roles: A Clockwork Orange, Caligula, Disturbed

11. Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman, seen here eating lunch, can tackle so many different types of evil roles.

Evil roles: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Léon: The Professional, The Fifth Element

10. John Malkovich

                John Malkovich scheming the world's demise. (AP file photo/ Rick Maiman)

Evil roles: In the Line of Fire, Con Air, Mary Reilly

9. Christopher Walken

                            Christopher Walken seen in his best evening wear.

Evil roles: A View to a Kill, Sleepy Hollow, Fatboy Slim music videos

8. Michael Ironside

Canada’s contribution to the list. Michael Ironside just has one of the faces that screams, “I’m going $%@#ing kill you!”

Evil roles: Total Recall, Highlander 2: The Quickening, Scanners

7. Udo Kier

                                    Udo Kier seamlessly blends evil and creepy.

Evil roles: John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns, Johnny Mnemonic, Dracula 3000 (Why, Udo? Why!?)

6. Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe when he’s happy! I don’t even want to see this guy angry. (CP FILE PHOTO/Aaron Harris)

Evil roles: Spider-Man, Shadow of the Vampire, Speed 2: Cruise Control

5. Robert Englund

Despite his portrayal of Freddy Krueger, Englund is even evil-looking without the make-up. (Marie McQueen/Ottawa Sun file photo)

Evil roles: Take your pick of any Freddy Kruger film.

4. Robert Patrick

                            Have you ever met a more evil-looking police officer?

Evil roles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Double Dragon, The Marine

3. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Shang Tsung in “Mortal Kombat.” That sentence alone almost caused my Microsoft Word spell check to explode.

Evil roles: Mortal Kombat, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Pearl Harbour (an evil role in an evil film)

2. Bolo Yeung

                Bolo Yeung as one of the greatest bad guys of the ‘80s, the evil Chong Li.

Evil roles: Any number of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies

1. Lee Van Cleef

                    Lee Van Cleef had a stare that could turn most men into stone.

Evil roles: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; For a few Dollars More; Escape From New York
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Mar 7 08, 09:34 AM

Although he can also play the good guy....Jack Nicholson, the Shining. And Harvey Keitel - the Bad Lieutenant. 

Mar 7 08, 10:07 AM

If you have seen the trailers for the new Batman movie, I think Heath Ledger will go down as one of the scariest villans as the Joker!  Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now could also make the list.

Mar 7 08, 01:44 PM

Danny Trejo, mostly of Robert Rodriquez films, has to be one of the toughest looking dudes in showbiz. He's crater faced, darkly tanned, jail-house tattooed, and rip to shreds.

Mar 7 08, 01:47 PM

In For a Few Dollars More Lee Van Cleef was the good guy (one of them) just out to avenge his sister. Anthony Hopkins can put on a pretty creepy face.

Mar 7 08, 01:54 PM

Hey recon,

True, Van Cleef was a good guy in For a Few Dollars More, but they don't really reveal that until near the end. For much of the movie you're unsure of his intentions. So I figured I'd include it.

You could also make the argument that Nicholas Cage was the good guy for most of Face/Off.

Mar 7 08, 04:36 PM

What about Alan Rickman who played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood prince of thieves, Professor Snape in Harry Potter and let's not forget one of the greatest villians of the 80's, Hans Gruber in Die Hard. I hear  he plays one of the main villians in Sweeney Todd too

Mar 7 08, 11:17 PM

No love for Max Schreck? =P (Count Orlok in 'Nosferatu')

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